James Wilson of Topsham Maine

His Descendants from 1719 to Present Day

Maine, United States of America



Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Gerald Eugene Jr.  19 Sep 1945Maine, United States of America P4307 James Wilson Descendants 
2 Morgrage, Elsie Mona  15 July 1931Maine, United States of America P24435 James Wilson Descendants 
3 Seekins, Eugene Bowdoin  27 Jun 1886Maine, United States of America P3862 James Wilson Descendants 
4 Shaw, Woodrow W  1913Maine, United States of America P25824 James Wilson Descendants 
5 Umbro, Mary Elaine  14 June 1929Maine, United States of America P5143 James Wilson Descendants 
6 Wardwell, Marilyn Hope  28 Sep 1928Maine, United States of America P26507 James Wilson Descendants 
7 Worthley, William Emmons Greenleaf  5 September 1836Maine, United States of America P28124 James Wilson Descendants 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Gerald Eugene Jr.  14 Apr 1946Maine, United States of America P4307 James Wilson Descendants 
2 Dubay, Ronald Harry  26 June 2012Maine, United States of America P27898 James Wilson Descendants 
3 Dyer, Charles F.  Aft 1900Maine, United States of America P9843 James Wilson Descendants 
4 Grant, Henry Reuben  13 Dec 1953Maine, United States of America P13011 James Wilson Descendants 
5 Graves, Medora Aganvenie  3 Nov 1891Maine, United States of America P12971 James Wilson Descendants 
6 Hubbard, Mary Downs  22 February 1991Maine, United States of America P15937 James Wilson Descendants 
7 Hunter, Louisa Katherine  Aft 1920Maine, United States of America P11619 James Wilson Descendants 
8 Maling, Howard Gifford  1962Maine, United States of America P11823 James Wilson Descendants 
9 McCloud, Betty Ann  25 February 2008Maine, United States of America P5169 James Wilson Descendants 
10 Pulk, Clara M  28 June 2012Maine, United States of America P9015 James Wilson Descendants 
11 Rogers, Jane  14 November 1885Maine, United States of America P6435 James Wilson Descendants 
12 Skolfield, Thomas  14 Feb 1992Maine, United States of America P8824 James Wilson Descendants 
13 Snipe, Louisa Palmer  2008Maine, United States of America P5085 James Wilson Descendants 
14 Spicer, Lowell E  26 January 2017Maine, United States of America P8939 James Wilson Descendants 
15 Vining, Annie Bibber  1958Maine, United States of America P18382 James Wilson Descendants 
16 Wardwell, Marilyn Hope  8 Jan 1958Maine, United States of America P26507 James Wilson Descendants